"Set Definition f/ Tempo" screws up project! See pictures

OK, I earlier wrote about how I could tempo-quantize freely recorded audio material with drums, vocals, guitars, bass etc. and thanks everybody for your help - I ALMOST succeeded. Here’s a problem that I don’t know whether it is a Cubase bug or am I doing something wrong. Anyway here’s what I did::

  • I set every audio track to LINEAR time mode
  • MUSICAL MODE’s were UNSELECTED in the Pool
  • I vertical-zoomed the Hihat track since it clearly shows both Snare, Bassdrum and of course the Hihat
  • I selected the TIME WARP tool: “Warp Grid: Musical events follow”
  • I made a complete Tempo track by adjusting the tempo points according to the “hit-points” in the Hihat audio track
  • I checked that the Tempo Grid accommodates the audio data (in drum tracks)
  • Then I selected all the audio data
  • I went via menu: AUDIO > ADVANCED > SET DEFINITION FROM TEMPO and let it change the tracks to MUSICAL time base
  • I selected all the Tempo track’s Tempo adjustment points and deleted them
  • BANG > now I could adjust the over all Tempo and the music will play nicely according to the adjusted tempo whether it’s lower or higher. No problem with that

BUT BUT BUT:: When I look at the multitrack, the drums’ hitpoints are not nearly close to the Bars and Beats points. Only occasionally!! And when I enable the click, the song goes somewhat at the same speed as the click but the click of course plays in the wrong points. Or should I say, the click is in place BUT THE AUDIO DATA ISN’T!!

Below is the picture of the zoomed out hihat track (from the middle of the song) among which I made the original Tempo track::

And below is the same image but from the beginning of the song where the hitpoints are ALMOST accurate - but not presicely.

So as you can see this is not some kind of an OFFSET value problem but I must be doing something wrong.

I started to wonder about that Warp Grid setting; there are TWO options for that:

  • “Normal” Warp Grid


  • Warp Grid (Musical events will follow)

Which one should I choose when making a tempo track like this? I have chosen the latter since it was selected as default but should I choose the first one instead?

I hate the situation because it renders the whole grid unusable! I need to be able to insert audio material to this project and not having to wonder whether it’s accurately aligned with the other audio data in the project.

Please can you help?

Are you sure the tempo map was correct before you applied the set definition command?

Hey Split, thanks for your answer but of course it was correct! :slight_smile:

I just would like to have a reason for this, that’s all. But what bothers me, is the difference between the two Warp modes. Do you know what might it be? Anyway, I’ll check the Cubase help & manual first.

Naah, I’m sorry I must have done something wrong earlier but now that I started from the scratch, this worked like it should work, so everything is OK. BTW, I used the Warp Tool regular version.

Great, glad you sorted it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I don’t know what the hell I did wrong at the first try but I guess since I had this Warp Tool active still and I tried to zoom the view by dragging the timeline, I must have accidently edited some warp points since I have had to use that undo-option many times with it :slight_smile: