'Set Definition From Tempo' Created Latency?

Hi all. Last week, I sought to change the tempo from a song will all audio stems from 116 to 94bpm. As I didn’t know how, a YouTube video (Chris Selim) suggested I used ‘Set Definition From Tempo’ to accomplish that. The resulting tempo change worked but most of the audio sounded squished, so I had to re-record them.

The lingering issue I have, though, is incredible latency with the song. Even with my latency set to 128 samples, it’s practically a full second between a key press and sound.

I’ve since learned I should’ve used the pool to change tempo. I have no need to try it now, but if that is a better way, what is the point of ‘Set Definition From Tempo’?

@manzanilla413 , maybe this vid will help?


Ok, thanks. That video made sense. I was biting off more than I could chew with the Set Definition From Tempo setting when all I really needed was the simple Musical Mode use.

And as far as my latency issue with the song, I’m guessing it has to do with the discrepancy between the previously recorded material and the Set Definition From Tempo alteration which I most likely didn’t perform well in the first place.