set definition from tempo match tempo usin import audio file

hey everyone.

this is my question,
when i set definition from tempo for an event the event syncs to the tempo of cubase.
now when i import the file using the import audiofile option in a new project the file won’t sync to cubase.
but when i drag and drop the file from one project into the other it does sync to the tempo of the new project.
how would you say this works.

what i really want to know is if there is a way to just write the definition into the audiofile and then later use it as an import
and have it match the tempo without having to open the source project aswell as the new one.

Ensure that Musical Mode is checked in the Pool for the audio file when it’s been imported. Without this set it won’t match the project tempo. There should then be a wiggly line icon on the top right of the event in the project.


hi mike
when i import the file it’s put into the pool without the musical mode button checked.
but when i activate musical mode in the pool, then insert it into the project it’s still out of sync
i also just noticed that i can’t rename the file that i’m using to produce this method of importing files to be synced to the project, the one that does sync.
might this be a clou.
i am also wondering what happens when you bounce a file with the tempo information written to it.
does it retain this info or is it lost.

i also found that the audio files lose their origin time when importing them into a new project.
and they do sync in a way that when you slow down the tempo, the audio slows down too, but the match to the metronome, which you set by matching the tempo track to the song by detecting the tempo, is lost when you import the standard way.
guess its a thing to be looking out for in the future.
for now i’ll just import; dragging and dropping form one project into the other.


Hmm, I tested this out and you’re right, it doesn’t work! I used 3 different audio files, dragged wavs from the Audio dir and then dragged between projects. It only correctly syncs when dragging between projects.

So, maybe the tempo definition isn’t actually written into the file? I looked at the file Modification Time and it didn’t change when I did the SDFT function, but then it was only a quick look not an exhaustive test…