Set Device Attenuation To 0 dB ... Blown monitors

Is there a way to ensure this option NEVER comes on EVER AGAIN?

I turned it off before and all of a sudden when opening Cubase (while listening to Vordhobsn) I was ear blasted by my Duet 2 shooting itself up to 0dB (the highest setting) and now my VXT6s have an awful hissing coming from the tweeters…

I’m seriously pretty upset, anyone else had this happen to them? What on earth was this feature even meant for anyways!!!

noticing a click sound every time i start or stop any audio now too…

No, but I did report elsewhere that turning off control room via the preferences tab often resulted a sonic blast of white noise.

That’s good to know, I’ll avoid doing this also…

so… who do i foot the bill out to cause I’m pretty peeved… about a month old monitors… vxt6s… just went and upgraded from my RP8G2s and then this crap happens.

Richard James, :stuck_out_tongue:

Where can I find that setting…?

This is exactly why I always recommend using analog attenuation between digital equipment and speakers. You never know, when your digital equipment suddenly bursts out 0dBFS signal and wihout attenuation, you’ll be in trouble.

Now. After you have solved the problem, please reach the back of your VXT6s and turn “SYSTEM LEVEL ADJUST” down. It’s there for a reason.

And you should feel lucky for having relatively small speakers. I experienced a similar thing about 25 years ago … but those speakers definitely were not small ones. That wasn’t fun.

The monitors are already set to 0dB, the subwoofer is at like -15dbB even. Think they only go down to -6dB though. Just gotta try and find out if they’re actually blown now though…

They go down to -30 which would have been a lot less painful for monitors and ears alike.


It wasn’t even just clipping from the volume being set to 0 dB it was nearly 2x what it would have been as I usually listen at -10 on my Duet 2 and monitor/mix at -20… but alright guys, I was mostly asking if anyone else had an issue with this feature and what exactly it’s for

Just for the sake of clarity what is ‘Device Attenuation’ and where can I avoid it? :question:

This is what I use, and I wouldn’t dare to connect my monitors directly to the interface without it:

Just curious, how many use a brickwall limiter “plugin” on the monitor bus (e.g. in the lastmost Control Room channel or monitor channel insert as suggested in the manual) and furthermore, how many would trust this protection to a software plugin?

We use the limiter.
Our monitors exceed the power rating of the amplifier and can run at full power.
The power amp is set to 3 in the studio.
So we are happy! :smiley:

[off topic: Except when YouTube decided to set its videos to 10 :unamused: I believe it is called ‘aggressive marketing’ or the shock 'em into submission approach to selling music.]