Set device attenuation to 0 db

Does anybody know what that means ?

If you go - Devices / Device Setup / Control Panel - You will see it.


Has to do with your soundcard, not Cubase. The manual for your device or their forum would be the place to find the answer.

I’ve been using the RME mf2 for quite a while and didn’t notice the option on previous versions of Cubase or other DAWS.

Thanks for your help.

Aloha guys,

Seems to work with ‘Built-in-Audio’ on my MacBook
and with my Yamaha n-12 (mac book and i7 iMac) but with my
M-Audio 410 its function is intermittent.

Probably a driver issue.


There is no problem, i just wanted to know what “Set device attenuation to 0 db” means.

Going to look into it.

Well, that may be… but since it’s an option in CUBASE then there should be an explanation. I’d like to know what it means too.