Set Divisi staff distance?

I cannot find a setting to change the distance between divisi staves. Currently, I have this annoying difference in the spacing.

Ah: it seems this is an effect of Vertical Justification. Without VJ, then the distance settings for staves between braces are observed. Still, it would be nice if we could have the option to space divisi staves as all others.

I believe divisi staves are not subject to vertical justification, just as the two staves of a piano are not subject to vertical justification. I can see that for this kind of choral divisi writing there is of course an argument to be made that they should be subject to justification.

Well, I too am finding that not being able to adjust the distance between two divisi staves voices is a big problem.
The only time wasted when trying to edit this score on deadline…

Just wondering if you could add a dummy lyric in multiple stanzas, then hide that lyric… it might force a wider distance between the staves.

benwiggy, divisi follow the settings for “Braced Staff to braced staff” in the Vertical Spacing settings of the Layout Options.
So it is no problem to set the same value here as for normal staves, when there is no piano or organ instrument involved. See picture:

I would prefer an individual option for divisi though, to be more flexible and to make it more obvious for the user.

Not when Vertical Justification is used. When Dorico spaces the system to fill the page, it does not stretch the distance between divisi staves.

Sorry, my answer was just related to your first sentence:

I cannot find a setting to change the distance between divisi staves.

Should have read the whole topic more carefully …

Heiko’s correct in that it does always use the distance between braced staves, but the point is that the gap between braced staves is never vertically justified.

Once Dorico enables users to choose to use either bracket or brace in front of grouped staves (say for Vlns 1 & 2 ?)–I hope that is on the road map somewhere down the line–will that then make this problem moot?