'set event snap point' behaviour

Cubase is automatically setting the snap point to the nearest grid line, even if I have my grid set to samples, frames or similar. Automatic hit point detection is turned off in preferences… I want to always, by default, have ‘event snap point’ set to the very start of the event. I think I might be missing something, and can’t find where to change this behaviour in the manual or online. I used to have it working fine for quite some time, until a recent reset of my preferences after updating to cubase 10.5.3. Thank you!


Have a look to the Preferences > Record > Audio > Auto Pre-Record Seconds. This is the time, which you can see in the pre-Snap part.

Hi Martin,

I can see how that would fix the marker when recording, however it doesn’t quite fix it on my end. I meant when one is dragging audio from elsewhere in windows, to a track in Cubase, then Cubase will put the event snap point on the grid, or the nearest beat, rather than the very start of the file. Is there a way to adjust that behavior?


No, you cannot adjust this. It’s specified like this in Cubase.

If you import an Audio file from other (but Cubase) source, there is no Snap Point (so the Snap Point becomes created at the very beginning of the Audio Event). But if you import an Audio file coming from Cubase, then there is the Snap Point (now you know, how comes, it’s 1 second after the Audio Event start). So Cubase expects, the real recording started this 1 second after the Audio Event start. Therefore Cubase is using the Snap Point as the reference, for the Grid.