SET GRID START failing.. ??? SOLVED! (snap point missing)

I appear to have lost the ability to ‘set grid start’, in manual adjust, at the very start of the sample in sample editor.

It all works fine INSIDE sample editor, but, the corresponding event in the sequencer does not show the ‘start’ (represented by the vertical blue line on the event) as being at the very start.

For instance, I can ‘set grid start’ to a point further along the sample, and the blue line on the event will be in the right place once the sample editor is closed down. However, if I ‘set grid start’ in the sample editor at the literal start of sample, the blue line ends up at a point away the start of the event.

Ive attached a picture file to help describe my situation.

Do I have a bug problem? is there a solution? please advise, thank you.
cubase example.jpg

The blue line is the snap point, not a “start” line. Info on how to move the snap point can as always be found in the manual.

AH… My snap point was turned off in editor, when I clicked the toolbar in the sample editor to ‘show audio event’ it appeared.
Probably an obvious thing, but I just didn’t know about it at the time.
Thanks for response :slight_smile: … it sent me searching through manual CTRL-F’ing keywords (‘snap point’ was the one I needed) while I waited for replies on here.

Happy again!

you’re welcome…