Set hairpin barline interaction per-layout

In this project, the client would like hairpins to stop before the barline. That’s fine (and I prefer it for the score), but in the parts it creates a lot of this:


Now, I think the part looks better with the barline interaction set to “Continue”:


I wonder if it could be possible to set hairpin barline interaction on a per-layout basis. Presently I’m having to select them all and set the property. If I could, I’d set all part layouts to extend the hairpin, and the score to not cross the barline.

I’ve not tried this, so perhaps it wouldn’t work, but is this not something that can be done a bit more efficiently by filtering for all the gradual dynamics, setting the Set local properties to Globally and then setting the barline interaction property to the value you want for the parts, then setting it back to Locally and unsetting it again?

Thanks, that is indeed what I ended up doing. It wasn’t too difficult, though it required doing every layout and every flow. On reflection, I guess it would have been much faster have set the global to cross the barline, then locally changed only the full score.

The other future option would be scripting, to run through the flows and layouts, setting the option in each one!

Would scripting, when it comes, automatically interact with the software to “wait” when needed? I’m finding that’s the biggest hangup with macros for me.

Wait for what?

When I make a macro, I typically have to program in a pause somewhere, sometimes a couple hundred milliseconds, or else Dorico won’t get all of the key commands.

Ah: if you’re using an app that plays back key strokes, then then that might require some delay (most macro apps should have a wait command, I think); but dedicated scripting e.g. Lua, python etc, shouldn’t need that.

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