Set import path to project folder

Small feature request, but I miss it quite often:
When starting a new project, or I receive files for an existing project, I usually place them directly in the project folder (like “RawFiles” or similar). On import to the pool, Nuendo will recall the last used file path in the file dialog window. This is common practice and useful in many situations, but inconvenient for new projects or incoming files.
How could you improve that?

  1. I understand that the file dialog is apparently just the standard dialog that comes with the OS. So we cannot have a button “Jump to project folder” here without a lot of coding. If I’m mistaking on that, this would be the ideal way: Directly in the file dialog.
  2. We could make another button or menu entry like “Set import path to project folder”. But I guess this is slightly too special.
  3. My suggestion: The Project Folder path is already written on top of the Pool window. Convert this file path text into a link that opens the project folder in the OS file explorer. This is very easy to program, wouldn’t be unexpected behavior in terms of UIX, would offer the possibility to check what’s inside the Project Folder AND NOW, with just one copy/paste, we could use it for import.

Thanks for listening and your patience.