Set L R locators on cubase 9 on a Mac

Hello all! Im sorry to ask such a silly question but im a cubase user on a pc, and know it inside out, however im new to using it on a mac and since im travelling alot lately im using it on my Macbook however, the commands are not the same on a m,ac!!! how ffffff ing terrible! How do you set your L and R locators to start a cycle or loop appart from pressing the p key. with windows we press the ctrl key and left click on the timeline and for the R locator press alt and click on the timeline. for the life of me i can’t figure it out on my mac!!! OMG!!!
Next question how the heck do you play from the start!!! arrrggggggg on PC just press 0 or just click on the stop button twice. My macbook doesnt have the num keys so i can’t press the 0 shortcut and the double click on the stop button doesn’t work!!!
Can someone please help me with these shortcuts, it’s driving me maddddddd lol

Also one last question how do i go to my L and R locators while the song is playing on a mac? on a pc its num 1 and num 2 but on my macbook i dont have the num keys… :frowning:

Thank You so much in advance!!!

I was literally just about to post and ask how you start from the beginning so thanks for that. Sorry I’m a windows user and can’t return the favour by answering your question. I wish I could set Cubase to start from beginning by default like Ableton does. In Ableton it’s a one handed operation so you can keep one hand on your musical keyboard and the other on the space bar. The Cubase method requires extra key presses and either moving your hand to another key or using both hands unless you do it all off the mouse but still not as quick and easy as Ableton.

You can pretty much assign any key to any command.
I personally would not use Cubase without a keypad/numpad.
There must be some stylish wireless option for Mac that can be used around the room.