Set List feature in Cubase (based on arranger track) for LIVE shows

The Arranger track is a wonderfully powerful tool. However, when using it for complex live shows, it becomes cluttered and unwieldy very fast

Let’s say you have song 1 broken into arranger segments, A,B,C,D. A is set to play through once and then go to the next step. B is set to repeat forever (until you choose to progress it manually, allowing improvisation), C is set to repeat 4 times and then go to next step, D is set to play once and then pause (as this is the end of the song). Now imagine you have this for 20 songs, you now have upwards of 80 arranger segments in your arranger window, using it live becomes a headache and skipping a song means going through the internal song steps manually if you are using a button to choose songs

A SETLIST would comprise of arranger track sequences which can be grouped into a SONG, so setlist SONG 1 would consist of segments ABCD above (as described). I could then have a setlist view which would only show 20 songs, each one being comprised of arranger track pieces.

A song can ONLY be made up of arranger blocks

This would make for MUCH easier useability and modularity as I could change a songs internal structure without the setlist becoming busy.

Other key pieces to add

  • Allow SONGS to be stepped through by MIDI
  • Allow SONGS to be repeated in the SETLIST
  • If possible, a toggle to choose which VERSION of a SONG is in your SETLIST that night (V1 could have a looped bridge, V2 could have no bridge, V3 could have a special bridge just for that city, allowing custom names for the versioning would be ideal)
  • Colour function for SONGS
  • SETLIST window to have font scaling option to allow ease of reading on stage
  • If possible, you could use a SONG to bounce out audio, so you can easily send tracks to others to learn

I can’t help but wonder how motivated Steinberg would be to make Cubase particularly “live performance” optimized, since they make a specific product for that use case?

Although it is a great product, there are some things it won’t be able to do - such as timecode for lighting sync as it’s a non-linear by nature without referencing an indexed time base. If you also have a ramped tempo change across multiple sections, you would have to break that down into sections for the VST live which will be a headache

There are for sure pro’s to using that product, but some of the routing in Cubase offers so much more, and having the option to have the arranger track better organised would be so beneficial

VST live is the right tool for that…

A more logical approach might be to ask for missing features in the product designed for live performance use, rather than a different set of missing features in a product designed for studio use.

I agree with the logic there absolutely, however the nature of how the VST live architecture works means that the two edge cases listed above are almost impossible to integrate

its almost the right tool