Set locators by clicking an event

I’ve spent some time searching for an answer to this question and I might be using incorrect terminology. Is there a way I can set up Nuendo so that when I click on an event, the locator/playback head moves to the start of that event? If not is it possible to set up a macro for this?

Right now I’m just clicking on the event and hitting “L,” but it seems like there must be a way to remove the extra step of hitting “L.”

I know this is a rather basic question – I’m coming from Pro Tools where I’m very used to this workflow.

Click event and then ‘p’ (Set locators to range)

Two things which are going to make you feel right at home…

  • Enable Transport -> Edit Mode (this is the option you need for playback head to operate as you were expecting)
  • Enable Preferences -> Editing -> Cycle Follows Range Selection

I suggest creating key commands for both of these options so you can enable/disable quickly as needed.

Thanks, likelystory – this is just what I was looking for!

Is this option available in Cubase? Thanks!

I don’t believe it is. I’m not sure why this is omitted from Cubase either.