Set Metronome to accent 4th rather than 1st beat?

Is it possible to make the Cubase metronome accent the 4th (or other) beat rather than always the 1st?


Serious? Easy. Set up your project such that beat 2 of the metronome is the first (1) beat of the first bar in your project. You’ll have to regroup mentally when your project starts, let the first beat drop (4), and start counting from beat 2 but say ‘1’ instead of ‘2’. In the metronome setup box you can change the timber and volume, of course, but not for each beat.

Once you start the recording it should be easy… although in the long run, it’s all about how well this idea, accenting 4 instead of 1, serves you.

Aloha k,

The way mr. roos described it is the way to go.

Another approach (if you don’t want to use MIDI and it takes a bit longer to set up)
is to create an audio track of a click sound and use ‘velocity’ to accent any beat you want.

For this (your) reason I rarely use MIDI click anymore.

Good Luck!