Set Midi Channels of Existing Tracks ascendingly

I know there is a modifier-key combo to change the midi destinations or channel for multiple selected midi channels with just one selection, which is Shift-Option (on macOS).

In VEPro, there is also a modifier-option to change those properties ascendingly, so, if you pick channel 1 for the first selected track, the next one will be on 2 and so on. I haven to found anything like that in Cubase. Did I miss something?

I know that you can create new tracks with ascending midi channels, but I really want to modify existing ones, which have already been named. Is there a quicker way to do that than edit every single one individually?


Sorry I’m not at my DAW right know. There is a modifier to set the ascending Inputs or Outputs of Audio Tracks (is it Alt only)? The same one should work for the MIDI Channels. But it somehow rings a bell to me and I’d I’m not mistaken, it doesn’t work for the MIDI Channels (an old bug).

Please try to find the modifier for the Audio Tracks and then use it for the MIDI Channels.

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With Audio Tracks it indeed works with shift-option-select to pick the same output and with option select to do that in an ascending order. But with midi channel the second option is not available. Please add that to the bug-list!


This has been reported already. Thank you.