Set minimum/maximum operation ?

With the Quick Controls, I cannot work out how the Set Minimum / Set Maximum function works when right clicking the menu functions.

If you right click a quick control, a pop up menu appears, then selecting Set Minimum or Set Maximum doesn’t do anything - so what is supposed to happen with these menu options ?

I can set the maximum and minimum all OK on the Sound - Quick Control assignments page, so no problem setting the min/max levels, but how is the right click pop up menu Set Min/Max supposed to work ?

I’d like to know this one too.

It works with Learn midi CC and kind of works when using quick controls in absolute mode.

Hope someone will answer your question properly.

I can’t figure out what those options in the right click popup menu do either. However I was able to edit the range of the quick controls in the Quick Control Assignments to get around the one’s I was trying to set a min/max for.