Set # of channels in mixer

Arrrrggggghhhh!!! Help!

I need to set the number of channels in the mixer view. Right now it will not go higher than 30. But when I first got Cubase it was up to 100. I cannot find mention of this anywhere. How come nobody has mentioned this.

the number of channels in the mixer is determined by the track count in the project. if you make 1 track there will be 1 fader for it. if you make 100 tracks there will be 100 faders in the mixer provided you have them all set as visible.
thank you dave. yes i see same thing… also i dont know why :blush:


Hi all

I “think” Ted may be talking about the number of channels you can see at one time on the screen , which in my case stops at 29, or 37 if I take away the channel selector and the control room. In 7.5 I could get it to go as high as I wanted, but ONLY immediately after launching Cubase, then it would go back to 29. Never figured out why, but it doesn’t bug me too much so…

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In 7.5, one could link MixConsoles to extend the number of visible channels. Does C8 still do this?