Set one midi in pianoroll and the note is set in all following bars at the project window

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I’m confused, I have seen a Cubase tutorial of a cubase user that use Cubase midi programming I know from Ableton but I cannot find the function how to do this settings. I’m on Cubase 10.5.30 and I don’t think that is a Cubase 11.0 function. Let me try to explain. I set 4 bars in the project window from 1 to 5. Now I wish to have at each first bar a midi (e.g. a kick) when I just set the one midi at the bvery first bar (all other three will take over that pionoroll midi point). Currently, I have to set the midi and to copy this first bar three times.

I have seen however in the tutorial video that the user is just altering a bar and all e.g. following others take over the changes. It is like a loop function and I cannot find the setting in Cubase at all. I have worked this way in Ableton and ever missed it in Cubase. Cubase however is able to offer this in a way.

In Cubase, the nomenclature is: “Repeat Events” and “Shared Copies

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Simple like that. Thanks a bunch.

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