Set parameters to standard values for all zones?

Hi guys,

not sure how to ask this question the easiest way… When I load an existing macro page which has GUI elements for filters, envelopes etc. and then want to add more layers and zones, how would I tell Halion that the existing layers should also affect the new zones as well?

For example: My filter knob addresses Filter Cutoff for all zones (@type:Zone/@id:140002). When I add new zones they’re automatically affected. But only when I activate the filter before, otherwise Cutoff won’t do anything. Same applies to amp- and filter-envelopes and other parameters as well.

Is there any automatic way to set ALL parameters of new zones to those of an existing zone? So that in my case the filter is activated, Cutoff set to a given value, envelopes active etc.


Could be done with scripting by copying all parameter values to a table. That would probably mean that your “master” zone would always have to have the same name or position in the layer.

If this is purely about sound design, rather than an end user issue, using “copy zone settings” and “paste zone setting” in the right click program tree menu would probably be quickest.