Set Pre-Gain in the Mixer automatic -10db


is it possible to have the pre-gain in the Mixer Console set to -10db when i open a new track?(all the vst/samples are always normalized and to loud for the plugins)
Setting it manually each time i open a new instrument destroys the workflow. Especially in Production Stage, where u just open and close vst all the time.

You can do that making a template with the pre gain set to -10db and saving it. Everytime you open the template to start a new project your channels will be set the way you like it.
You can also make track presets and open your instruments from those presets with the pre gain and a lot of other stuff set to -10db and every parameter you like to start with (for example a preloaded sound or drum kit, insert fx, eq, etc) a very good way to speed your workflow.

Hope this helps

i actually looked for an Global Option in Cubase so i can use the basic add Instruments , add Audio Buttons .

It was still helpful, i just created an template with some empty Intrumenttracks and Samplers.(still need to get used for this template)