Set project cursor to start of selection?

Hello there,
Is there a way to automatically set the “project cursor” or playhead to the start of a selection/clip/audio event the moment you click it?
The quickest way I found right now is select the clip and press “L” but I’d love it if there was a setting somewhere that just always sets the playhead to the start of a selected clip/event/etc.


edit: oh, I found out alt+spacebar works! :laughing:
Any other tips are still appreciated!

Try edit mode although be aware the playhead disappears when it’s active.

Can you tell me how I can find “edit mode”? I tried searching for it in the manual but there are only a reference to it with an option called “use video follows edit mode” (whatever that means) but it’s never explained anywhere :neutral_face:
I’d love to know more.

Edit: I think that’s what it is? Edit mode = use video follows edit mode?
Shame there’s no playhead in that mode :laughing: