"Set ruler's origin at cursor" problem?

Wavelab 8.0.1, Win8

When right-clicking on the time ruler and selecting “Set ruler’s origin at cursor” the origin seems to be placed wrongly.

For example, If I set the cursor at 3 min and select this option, the time at the cursor is now shown as 6 min.

This seems wrong surely, or am I missing something?


This is normal, but the name of the function is maybe not proper.
In your example, the cursor is at 3 min. This means the ruler’s origin will be 3 min now. Hence the cursor will be at 3 + 3 min = 6 min.
The function does not mean the value 0 of the time ruler will be at the cursor.
The time ruler only show positive times.

Thanks for the response Philippe.

The manual states “If this option is activated, the ruler’s zero position is set to the current cursor position.” This description sounds sensible - you typically want to say “mark this point to be zero time”, but isn’t what the program does. Wavelab 8 works very differently in this regard to Wavelab 6, which behaves as the manual describes.

I can see you can use the offset tab to achieve the old effect, but the new behaviour seems a little confusing. I’ll work round it!



I ran into this last evening while editing a recording of a live performance. The artist was sitting next to me, and we were extracting from the performance those portions of the concert that she wanted excerpted to disc.

She says, “the next portion is approximately 15 minutes from the end of the concert.”

So, I moved to the end of the file and wanted to locate ‘0’ on the ruler to the cursors location.

My question: For what reason would one using this tool (‘set ruler’s origin at cursor’) 3 minutes in want the origin to be 3 + 3 (6)?

I am missing something here, surely.

Thanks in advance for clarification.


Some users need it for whatever reason I forgot. But I agree the function you are looking for, must be added in the future.

Some programs display “clip” or “local” time, alongside timeline time. IOW, if a 5 minute clip located at 20 minutes on the timeline, the info bar displays TWO values if the cursor is sitting 2 minutes into that song:

  1. a Montage (or EDL in this case, referring to the timeline) time readout shows 22:00
  2. a Clip (or anything “Local” to the current selection range, be it a clip or time-range) time readout shows 2:00

Both of these pieces of information are very relevant. Being able to reset the montage time ruler’s origin to the cursor, as the documentation claims we can, is at least a workaround for this MIA feature, and carusowi notes makes far more sense in real world use, regardless of why someone may have requested a far less universal or necessary feature.

The existing “Set ruler’s origin at cursor” functionality would be better termed “Offset ruler’s origin FROM cursor”. That’s what it actually does (and is the feature the original requester likely wanted, or any user who needs it would expect it to be called).

So in addition to adding the useful, necessary feature the menu/command alludes to, you might retain the requested functionality under a more accurate name/term.

BTW, be aware of the new Time code window, which can display time from the start of the focused clip…

Very nice workaround. Thanks Philippe!