Set same properties on many channels at the same time

Often I introduce a new group and need to route a bunch of audio channels to that group. You can multi-select many channels in Cubase, but if you edit e.g. the routing, it only sets it to the first channel. It would be great if certain settings - like routing - could be set to many channels at the same time. The same goes with input channels. If I’m recording backing vocals it might add a bunch of audio channels, and some times I need need to set the input for each of those channels individually.


you can do this by either using the Quick Link short-cut (select the channels, hold down alt+shift, set a new e.g. output for one of the tracks) or QL button on the MixConsole (select the channels, click the Quick Link button on the MixConsole, set the output). Both ways will affect all selected channels.

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