Set scale or Ghost channel?

Is there a way for quick drawing in of notes in key etc to set the scale in the key editor, i know we can do this with chord track but it would be great if we could set the key editor to selected scales, surprised we don’t seem to have this as it seems like a pretty basic feature. If it greyed out or colored coded the scales that we are in etc… Good for complex scales and speedy workflow.

I seen the ghost channel thing in FL and I thought it was pretty cool, do we have anything similar ?

One of my first requests was for “scale draw.” This would allow the user to select a scale and then use the draw tool and it would only draw in notes within the selected scale, allowing you do use a key command to temporarily suspend diatonic, or scale-wise drawing.

What Cubase does do well is Transpose. I assigned Transpose to “T” and you can use the transpose functions to take a measure and easily transpose it to any number of scales. Sometimes this works perfectly, other times you’ll get some oddly repeating notes which need to be corrected. The Match to Cord Track is also good. In the Key Editor, Select some adjacent notes in a measure and then see if a Chord is identified, you can then add that to the chord track.

So, no, I don’t know of any way to do “intelligent harmony” in Cubase, but it would be an excellent feature along with Diatonic Transpose on the Info Line and a few other things. There are some Functions in the Logical Editor which may be able to do some things like this, but I’m not the one to ask about that.

For more immediate results, may I suggest spending more time with the Transpose functions and the scale types Cubase offers.

Draw in or play in random notes, then use Transpose to make those notes “agree” with a selected scale or, in the key editor use "Match to Chord Track. Add some chromatic passing tones and correct any odd repeated notes and so on. Interesting things can happen.

Hope this helps a bit. Good luck with it all.

any update on this feature coming ?