Set SEND Level while SEND FX OFF


I use cubase for more than 15 years and stayed on SX3 for a long long time.
I now use C6.5 on a mac and something is annoying me a lot :

Let’s say I have a reverb AUX on SND1 and I want to set the send level on the channel 1 from -9dB to -12dB while off.
I HAVE TO switch on the AUX send 1 to be able to set the level unless it’s grayed out…

This is crazy! On the SX SX2 SX3 … It was possible to set send levels even while Switched off.

Is there a setting to let me do that?

It’s like having your send knob on a real console stuck if the send switch it off… insane :frowning:

Thanks in advance for your help


Not exactly gamebreaking, but I agree it’s a bit silly I need to enable the send to set an output and change its level.
It’s unnecesary anyway, I see no advantage of disabling these controls.

Same Thing, I don’t understand the point of greying out this control… ???