Set specific audio/midi record mode with key command or PLE

Hello, is this possible ? I am building a macro to start recording but it needs to be using specific audio and midi record modes for this type of recording

I’m afraid that it’s not possible to do so. Attempting to use the dedicated key commands do the following :

  • For MIDI, the MIDI Record Mode one cycles between the three different Linear & Cycled MIDI Recording options : New parts / Merge / Replace.
  • For audio, same thing with the Audio Record Mode one. It cycles among the three available options : Keep History / Cycle History + Replace / Replace.

So, and unless I’m missing something, it seems difficult to me to set a specific audio/MIDI record mode in a macro : one of the countless Cubase macro implementation limits : we really need a true scripting one, exactly for this kind of case. :neutral_face:

Beside this, I haven’t seen any option related to the different Record Modes in the PLE…

EDIT : typo corrections…