Set tempo from event?

How come sometimes this wont work? I i have a track thats around 90BPM. I tride to right click > Advanced > Set tempo from event and it sets it to something ridiculous like 5 BPM?

Any ideas?


Set tempo from event AFAIK sets it from the definition in the event (sample editor -> definition). It has to be a track with defined tempo.

If you want to set the tempo on a short track, for example a loop, you should cut the sample and bounce it so it fits a certain set of bars/beats and then in the Sample Editor, set the bars/beats in the top bar.

If it is a long track, what you should do is Project -> Tempo Detection which will set the tempo track based on the tempo Cubase analyzes from the event. It lets you use time warp (not audio warp!) to place the beats on the correct spots, to fix tempo variations. The tempo detection works well on beats and full mixes, but not as good on other instruments. It is meant to be used with long pieces of audio.

Afterwards, if you want to, you can use “Set definition from tempo” to set the definition of the event from this calculated tempo. This will place the event in musical mode and let you then modify the tempo track to you liking, which will cause audio warping on the event.

I don’t understand what “Set Tempo From Event” is for because it doesn’t seem to be making any changes to the tempo map. For me, it doesn’t change it to Musical mode on the file I have to select that myself then it seems to lock to the tempo so that makes me wonder why “Set Tempo From Event” is an option.

From the manual:
Setting the Project Tempo from an Audio Loop
You can set the project tempo from the tempo of an audio loop.
Your project contains an audio loop that is not in Musical Mode.

  1. In the Project window ruler, set the left locator to the beginning of the audio loop.
  2. Set the right locator to the end of the last bar.
    This does not need to match the end of the audio loop, but its number of bars.
  3. Select the audio loop.
  4. Select Audio > Advanced > Set Tempo from Event.
    You are asked if you want to set the global project tempo.
  5. Perform one of the following actions:
    ● Click Yes to adjust the project tempo globally.
    ● Click No to adjust the project tempo only in the section of the audio event.

So perhaps this is just for short loops since it looks like I have to select the length of the bars in the song for the left and right locator

“Set the right locator to the end of the last bar.” meaning of the song or the last bar of the audio region? So if the song is 120 measures and the current tempo is slower then the song then you might have to select a range much longer in time then the music?