Set Tempo from Generic Remote?

Trying to set up a rotary encoder on a Generic Remote to vary the tempo - possibly only when NOT using the Tempo Track.

I managed to set up the “Push” function of the Encoder to turn on/off the Tempo Track using CC93.

Found a Command under “Transport” in the Generic Remote Setup to “Enter Tempo” and tried with CC94 but it’s not working under any circumstances.

I thought it would be cool, when just starting ideas for a new track, to be able to adjust the tempo by just reaching over and turning a knob on my remote.

Any ideas would be appreciated!



Edit: Well, now when I turn the encoder programmed (as noted above) for “Enter Tempo” on my remote it DOES Highlight the Tempo entry field on the Transport (as one might expect with “enter tempo”). I can then use the mouse wheel to adjust same. Very close, but it would still be nice to be able to use the encoder to actually adjust the tempo.

Looks like that’s it. There’s no data increment/decrement command that I can find.

Oh well. Thanks.

It’s actually still better than nothing for me in it’s half implemented condition.
Turn Encoder. Mouse Wheel. Enter. Done.
The encoder is right next to my “Click on/off - Click Volume” Encoder, also.
A convenient little “Tempo” section.