Set time base to linear for selected track doesn't work properly

I have some issues with this preset that I never managed to work properly in Cubase 12 nor in Cu 13.

Here’s what I do:
select all the tracks of the tracklist
Apply the preset

Here’s the result: some tracks are in musical mode, some others in linear…

The PLE works fine with a small number of track but not with a big one (I have 2000 tracks)

Thanks for the help greattly appreciated!

Can you describe how it actually fails for large Track Counts?

Hello Raino,

thanks for your interest and sorry for the delayed answer.

I don’t know what more to say that I did’nt say in my original post :confused:

It appears that if I select a number of track too large before applying the PLE in the screenshot above, not all of the tracks will have their timebase changed to Linear :confused:

Please let me know if and how I can give you more precise informations


Perhaps some of the Tracks are Locked? I’d do a detailed comparison of a Track that changed and one that didn’t and see if anything between them is different.

Here’s an experiment

  1. Open a Project and apply the PLE to enough Tracks that your problem occurs
  2. Take note of which Tracks did & didn’t change (I’d use screenshots for this)
  3. Without Saving the Project use File>Revert to restore the Project to its initial state
  4. Apply the PLE again and see if the same Tracks changed