Set Timecode At Cursor

This function isn’t working as before.

It always moves the audio/midi parts when you choose to ignore timecode position. Choosing to ignore timecode position would always leave the audio/midi at the same bar number and only move the timecode/seconds.

Okay, after trying a few different scenarios it seems to be sporadic. After the initial ‘offset’ correction it seems to work as it should.
I’ll be working with this feature a lot today - I’ll report back.

I see what the main problem is… I’ve used this function a lot in the past and it was seamless.

The culprit is the select button when you get the popup menu (You have modified the timecode offset. Do you want to keep the project…). I use the select keys (Left, right, up and down keys on my keyboard) to select ‘No’ and although it kind of highlights the ‘No’ button on the popup, it doesn’t actually select it when you press enter. The only way to do it is use the mouse to manually select no.

So, some or other script is missing from that popup menu…