Set up Cubase in order to listen/ record keyboard own sound


I know that his question has probably been asked many times but somehow I still do not get it. I know how to record midi with my Kawai ES 6 digital piano, but how do I need to set up Cubase 6 Elements such that I can use the Kawai´s own piano sound to playback and record the midi song’s piano voice I have just created in a project that would also entails VST and for example Toontracks drus?

Also, I have read that I could route back the total sound output from the audio interface back to my keybaoad and listen to the whole thing via the pian´s speakers. How do I do that, cause every time I try it I only get messed up sounds.

I am currently using a PC Laptop, the RME Babyface and my Kawai ES 6.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



This should be easy. Route the midi output from the track you recorded midi to to the Kawai and it should play. To record the audio from the Kawai you need to create an audiotrack and set it’s inputs to the babyface and draw a stereo lead from the kawai to the babyface.