Set up for Synth and USB keyboard with Cubase


I wonder what I am doing wrong, but I don’t manage to get the signal from the USB keyboard (Korg MicroKey) to Korg Minilogue XD. Keyboard is connected to PC with USB, interface Roland QuadCapture with USB to PC. Minilogue has audio cable to input to the interface. and then there’s a MIDI cable from interface OUT to Minilogue IN (I tried also opposite ways, didn’t work).
I have MIDI track, and an audio track in Cubase. in Midi track All Midi inputs are selected, and the interface QuadCapture also.:

Cubase gets the signal from Keyboard to its MIDI track, and also gets the audio if I play Minilogue. but HOW to make the Minilogue to connect with the keyboard? I used to work with these same equipments well few years, but I had few months pause from this setup, and now I cannot anymore remember the logic (it’s painful to realize that).

thanks for the help


If I understand you correctly, your wanted MIDI path is the following:

  • USB Keyboard (Korg MicroKey) > (via USB to the computer) > Cubase > MIDI Track with the All MIDI Inputs; Quad Capture Output and Record enabled (to send the data through the track) > via USB to Quad Capture > via MIDI to Korg Minilogue XD

Make sure there are no MIDI data filtered out in Cubase > Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter neither for Record nor for Thru. By default, only SysEx data are filtered out.

The Audio is following:

  • Korg Minilogue XD > via audio cables to your Audio Device (Quad Capture) > via USB to Cubase > Audio Track with the given Input selected > Monitor enabled

Do you have this setup?

That part I don’t really catch. How to enable “output and record” from QuadCapture? (or from where?).

" via MIDI to Korg Minilogue XD" hmmm. Should I have the MIDI cable in OUT or IN in Quad? Now it’s in IN, and the OUT is at Minilogue. I have tried both ways anyway, and the same result (no signal from keyboard to minilogue)


I mean to set the Output of the given MIDI Track to Quad Capture (where is your synth connected to via MIDI).

I mean: Press Record Enable button to enable it (so the button is red) on the given MIDI Track.

The connection is always Out > In. So from the Quad Out to synth In.

Output of the given MIDI Track to Quad Capture
-yes, that’s how it is
Press Record Enable button to enable it
- the sound should come already without recording. there’s no signal from keyboard to synth, so cannot record it naturally, and clicking the record on, doesn’t make the signal to appear.
always Out > In. So from the Quad Out to synth In.
- OK, got it. but still no signal


I’m not talking about the recording (Record button on the Transport Panel). I’m talking about the Record Enable button on the track (or the Monitor button).

i think i mean the same thing, here image to make sure what i meant:

of course monitor has to be on, if i want to hear something, but if there’s no signal coming to that audio track, the monitor on doesn’t really help (or the record enabled even less)

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On the Audio track, the Monitor has been enabled too. Then the audio track sends the input signal to the output of the track. If the Monitor is enabled, the input signal is blocked and you can hear what has been recorded in the track.

on that photo the monitor is not enabled. but it was just a image to show which buttons I meant. these are not effecting to the signal which is missing. the problem is that the synth doesn’t catch the signal from the keyboard. as long as it like that, i cannot play/record anything with that keyboard through the synth.


What MIDI Input do you use on the track? Could you double-check the MIDI > MIDI Filter, please?


To me or looks correct.