Set up Help for Nektar P1- Newbie


I just got the P1 and am having trouble setting it up in Cubase 10 Pro (Mac Catalina).

I put in a support ticket with Nektar but I didn’t know if anyone here can help.

I followed Panorama Cubase Installation & User Guide OSX 10.11 (which is the install for Catalina)

I don’t think it’s set up correctly. The Midi Port Setup doesn’t have the same names as the ones in their documentation (which is a bit all over the place). The device is listed in the Remote Devices - but again, not sure how to set up the In/Out.

On the device itself, the Internal mode is selected and I can’t switch to the other modes.

Just playing around, some of the buttons ‘do stuff’ but not the right stuff.

Searching the forum, there seems to be a lot of people with P1s. But, the posts haven’t been that recent or with Cubase 10. Same thing with Youtube.

Anyone have any suggestions to set this up correctly?

Thanks a bunch!

EDIT: I had to open my computer Midi Studio and then disconnect and reconnect the device. Then the midi ports showed up correctly and I was able to set everything up in Cubase.

I would delete this post but It won’t let me.