Set up Midi Controller Help

I have a Korg X50 which I’m trying to set up as a Midi Controller. I’ve struggled through the last 3 hrs trying to get it to work and nothing! There’s too many settings, and I’m hoping someone might be able to help. I’ve set the Korg to send following the Korg instuctions. I’ve opened a Midi song in Cubebase (plays fine so I know all that’s working). When I hit the keys on the keyboard the left side of the Midi Activity monitor (orange bar) fires but I get nothing. I tried selecting some of the existing Midi tracks and they won’t play–trac has “All MIDI Inputs” for input, HALionOne for VST Device, Chasing Harmonics as the program. The sounds on the track play but not anything I hit on the keyboard. Record and Monitor are enabled. I tried going through the process of setting up a GM device but still nothing. There’s Busses, and tracks, and channels, and device setups, and port with all sorts of stuff that I don’t have a clue if any of them are what I need to set to get it to work. If anyone could help me do this by walking through the setup process or pointing me to a tutorial on how to get it to work, I’d really appreciate it! I recently purchased SubBoomBass by Ron Papen and would LOVE to use it but I’m dead in the water! Any help out there? Thanks in advance! ~Dax

Does the device show in MIDI Port Setup?


I assume that since the MIDI activity is recognizing input, you’ve set up your controller in the MIDI device manager correctly? Try removing all MIDI tracks and opening and highlighting an instrument track, any sound? Have you messed with the preferences (don’t if you haven’t already!) or the MIDI setup options in Device Manager as Mashedmitten suggested? I would be interested to see if it works differently with an instrument track, since they are somewhat easier to start with than MIDI tracks. (I still haven’t got my keyboard to fully work with MIDI tracks. :blush: :mrgreen: )