Set up UR22 with Cubase 5


Recently I’ve bought a UR22 to use with my Cubase 5. I was using a line6 UX2 before and was runing pretty good, but the UR22 with the MIDI and the low Latency win me over.

I Have 2 questions, first and most important, wich is the best way to set up the UR22. I think that the Ideal configuration is 44.10khz 24 bits and 64 samples, is this correct? with this configuration I have 3ms of latency, allmost none.
I’m runing a Intel I5 with 4g of ram.

And the second question is… if I record on input one the sound only comes out from the left speaker, If I record with input 2 it only comes out of speaker 2… why??? I know it has to be the configuration of the outputs because all the VST instruments, audion imports etc comes out stereo. I just can’t figure out were and how to change the configuration.


  1. Yes, that would be the best setup in your case. Increase the 64 samples if you run into crackling/dropouts in heavy projects, but as long as you can work with 64 samples that’s great.
  2. Are you recording to a mono track?

Hi, I’ll work with 10-15 tracks (guitars, vocals, midi drums, etc) i’ll try to stick to the 64 samples then, because if I put it on 512 it jumps to 18ms.

It’s a stereo track, i’ve been using cubase for quite a while, and I know all the basic stuff, with my previous sound card (Line6 UX2) I had no problem… I do not understand why is this happening

You should record mono sources (the ones only connected to only one input) into a mono track.

mmm ok, but even so it doesn’t explain the problem.

Yes it does. If you record a stereo track, input 1 is recorded as a LEFT channel of the stereo track and input 2 to RIGHT channel. If you record a mono track, you can decide which input (1 or 2) is going to becorded on the track.

Ok, it’s solved!! :astonished:)

I don’t know why I was spining around this “thingy”…
I record on a mono track, select the input 2 and a stereo out and it’s done!

Thanks Jarno!!! :astonished:)

One more thing, and this is because I’ve never done this. How can I configure the MIDI in and out? I have a Keyboard and want to try to record a few things but i’m unable to send signal to the sound card.

The operation manual explains this quite well. If something is not clear then ask - but be specific, you can’t expect people here to reiterate and paraphrase the manual for you. :wink:

(Please don’t double post - the UR Forum would be the correct forum for these issues)

I have the manual, and for starters it’s not very clear on the MIDI section.

The especific question is that It doesn’t recognise my keyboard. It’s all pluged in, it’s all fine, but it does not send sound, yes, the cables are on the right In and OUT places.

I’ll try it with another one to see if does the same thing, but it doesn’t send the signal. And as far as I can see the MIDI connections are all ok