Set Variaudio to quantize to a specific scale/key

Just like you can set the scale/key in tuning software like Autotune, it would be very useful to be able to set a scale/key for Variaudio so when you quantize all pitches at once, they will gravitate toward the pitches of the scale. I know you can colorize the variaudio event to tell you if they are in the scale or not, but it’s a pain to have to go in and find all the red (out of the scale) objects, and move them.

Melodyne does this too. Would be nice.

although its kind of possible to “quantize” Vari audio to scales in chord track

I’m not sure what you mean? Can you clarify? Maybe I’m missing something (I hope).

Use chord track, variaudio can use the chords and displays notes in green when they are in the chord, blue if they are in the scale and red if they do not fit.

Ah, yes, I know about that. Thank you. Hoping to have a feature where you can just automatically quantize everything to scale

in chord track its possible to create scales on different places on the timeline,and on the audio track in the chords section on the inspector use “scales” on the “follow chord track” box.analyze the audio in vari-audio and the notes should be follow according to the scales.
(set to scales again in the inspector if the notes didt move to the scales or if vari audio was reseted )

but i do agree that integrated scale option in vari audio would be more simple and straightforward approach

A big bump to quantize variaudio to scales






Does Cubase Pro do this yet???

I don’t think it does. I checked with new update and didn’t see a way to do it.

Pro 10.5 does not (I have it). I wanted to also +1 this. Quantize to scale is a simple fix here. I know 11 is out now but fix it for 10.5. If should be simple and users will greatly appreciate

+1 on this still

+1 How is this feature not included yet?!?