Set volume for Jog/Shuttle in Cubase 9.5

In Cubase 8 it was possible to set the audio volume for using jog/shuttle/scrub. In the transport bar there also was a jog/shuttle wheel. But now in Cubase 9.5 (and probably somewhere between Cubase 8 and 9.5) there is no jog shuttle wheel in the transport bar anymore.

When I use the jog/shuttle wheel of my (Avid Artist/Euphonics) MC Control hardware controller I could control the audio volume of the scrolling sound by setting the volume in File>Preferences>Transport>Scrub in Cubase 8. But when I do that in Cubase 9.5 I can not control the volume for the jog/shuttle function. In Cubase 9.5 I can only change the volume of the scrub functions for scrubbing with my mouse.

Is there anyone who can check this for me in your own setup? I already asked the Steinberg Support (Eric Chabane), but he tells me to do things like updating Windows (I use Windows 7 64 bit), updating hardware drivers, etc… But I’m almost sure that it is an issue or deleted option in Cubase.

Hope that someone can try to set the volume for jog/shuttle for use with external hardware. At this moment the volume is much to loud for scrubbing.

With Kind Regards,

Yes there is change/bug here.

-Remote jog and shuttle only follows project mixer volume. So nothing to adjust other then mixer volume or monitor volume.
-The preview volum works on both play and scrub tool.
-Scrub tool in the editor can be adjusted from scrub volume in preferences and preview volume. So it has 2 sets of volume control. Wich is just silly.

So yes there are some changes. And they dont seam all that well thought through.

I have my jog next to my console monitor level. So I have the habbit of just adjusting that level.
So havent realy looked in to it, befor I saw your post.

I can see how annoying this can be, if easy adjusting monitor level is not an option. Would be better to have dedicated scrub/jog level adjust and added remote control to the level, so it can be assigned to controller for easy access.