Set volume for playing technique in expression map

in Dorico 4 is there a possibility to scale the volume separately for each playing technique. In some libraries the volume of e.g. legato (forte) is quite different from staccato (forte) so it would be good
to have some option to adapt the base audio volume. It is awkward to change these things in the piano roll editor all the time or use piano instead forte to equalize this.

You could check the expression map out. I think you can put the low and high values of CC1 and CC11 (when they’re used).

I will try. Not sure it would do what I want. I will let you know.

This is on my wish list. Currently no, unless you limit the range of CC1. You could try adding an init to that expression map with a default value lower ( or higher ) when needed. I hope they will add the dynamic’s too expression maps so you could fine tune levels for each one…BLISS !



Yes, we know that more detailed control over dynamics on a per-switch basis in expression maps is needed. It’s on our wish list!


it never fails to amaze me how many basic errors there are in relative dynamics between patches from most vendors but some, such as VSL, do at least allow you to programme dynamics at patch level so it’s a good idea to make use of that in the meantime where available.

Whatever, you’ll still finish up modifying the dynamics quite frequently anyway as score dynamic markings are relatively crude to being with and when crossfading, the jump from, say p to mp might cross a dynamic layer which might well require using two dynamic controllers to get what you want. I’d certainly welcome per-switch dynamics in Dorico but it won’t fix all the limitations in the libraries on its own.