setCurrentProgram called after setStateInformation?

I’m making sure that my plugin properly saves and restores state information in DAWs and I’m running into an odd problem with Cubase LE 9.

In Cubase, I load my plugin into an instrument track, change some parameters and save the project. When I reopen the project, my plugin comes back without the parameter changes as I would expect…and how it works properly in other DAWs.

When I checked my logs, I notice that when the project reloads, I see it calls setStateInformation and THEN setCurrentProgram, which would destroy the saved state. Not what I would expect.

What am I missing? This works properly in all other DAWs. Any ideas?

Thank you.

Did you try the plugin example : “Test Program Change” ?
do you have the same result ?
I think this was fixed in Cubase 9.0 (may be the last update .10)