setings of the generic controller not saved


my request is related to the application of the Generic Controller remote control device.

Fyi - I have Cubase 8.0.30 on my computer. NI’s Komplete 10-package runs smoothly as a VST Plug-in – I command it via the Komplete Kontrol-software/ Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboard. For that purpose, I added a ‘Mackie Control’ remote control device to Cubase. This went without a problem.

My current intention is to establish commanding Guitar Rig 5 via the Behringer fcb1010 MIDI-foot controller. In order to accomplish this, I followed the instructions, provided in the Cubase manual. I had no problem, setting up the upper table. I also managed to teach Cubase (via the second table), which specific parameter should be controlled. For instance: I established to control the master-volume of the Stereo Out-channel in the Mixer, via expression pedal.

The problem I have is that Cubase does not save these settings. When I close the respective project, and Cubase is still running, everything’s still set up in the tables of the generic controller. This also applies when I re-open the project: everything’s fine.

Unfortunately, every time, I shut down Cubase, and re-start it thereafter, all settings from the second table are found to be deleted.
Does anyone face similar problems/ know how to handle this?


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same issue here, has anybody a solution?