Setlist running conditions

It would be very helpful to display the running conditions of the setlist according to the “Song End Action…” for each song.
The screen shot showes as an example how it could be realized.

The additional buttons could also have a drop down list to select the Song End Action directly in the Setlist.

Example Show scenario:
User has a Midi-foot panel for Action:Start.

Project loads and waits for user action.
Song 1 is selected.

User starts Song 1 with foot panel
Song 1 plays and “Start Next Song”
Song 2 plays and “Start Next Song”
Song 3 plays and “Start Next Song”
Song 4 plays and selects “Next Song”
User starts Song 5 with foot panel
Song 5 plays and selects “Next Song”
User starts Song 6 with foot panel
Song 6 plays and “Stop”
Setlist pause
User selects Song 7 and starts it with foot panel
Song 7 plays and “Start Next Song”
Song 8 plays and selects “Next Song”
User starts Song 9 with foot panel
Song 9 plays and “Start Next Song”
Song 10 plays and selects “Next Song”
User starts Song 11 with foot panel
Song 11 plays and “Stop”
End of Setlist/Show


Problem is that it eats precious screen estate, while it is not so important for most users. You could just add (*) or (#) or something to the end of the Song name for instance?

Hi Musicullum,
I understand that it takes some space in the setlist. I dont’t know what graphics framework you are using, but a small indicator should be possible.
A different background color would will also help as an indication that a song starts automatically a following song by “Start Next Song”.

For my opinion automatic “Start” of a song is a very critical thing. Especially under stage conditions. It can confuse the show!
“Start Next Song” is a property of a song which does not affect the song itself. But it triggers a NEXT song. This important property in the moment is hidden in a dropdown menue:
“Song” → “End Action…” → dialog box “Set Song End Action”.
There is no indication outside this dialog box for the end action property of this song.

If you move a song which has the “Start Next Song” property to an other position in the setlist you create a situation which is difficult to overview.

I think for a professional software like VSTLive, which it is made for using on stage, it is nessesary to give the user the best overview to the active project in a stage condition.

Ok, a solution like “*” or “#” in the song name is possible, but not really nice and professional.

That’s not the point. It would take away screen space from the Song title. If you size the playlist smaller, you’d have even less chances for the Song title to be readable.

But it is something you configured beforehand, so usually everybody knows what comes next, or?

You can still apply a text mark to the title.

We do get your point, but we try to not overload the UI.

I think this is very usefull.

I must being doing something stuuupid. Im trying to get the next song to play after my current song, but it just repeats my current song! In Song → Song Actions I select ‘What’ → Start Next Song, ‘When’ → Song end Marker (or Right locator same thing happens) then it just repeats the song I just played. Help!

Hi @HonkyTonk , I don’t see how is set, but there meight be some confusion to you first look: CYCLE markers are different from EndMarker. EndMarker needs to be set at the top-right corner of “TRACKS-view” timeline

(used last 2hrs ago on booth my computers)

Works fine here.