Setlist song time duration

Every time I add a new song to my setlist or create a new one from current, several song time duration disappears. How to solve the problem?

Can’t see from your pictures what disappears?
Song length is calculated based on the Song End definition (see menu Song/Song End Action).

… it does not keep the individual song time… I have to go through the entire list of songs in order to get all individual song time duration back… is it meant to be so?

The most strange thing is that some songs keep their time others not… and not every time I add a song to the list… randomly thus

I have the same issue.

Sorry, still don’t know what to do.
a) what columns do you refer to, left, middle, right? In your picture, all those with duration displayed have not changed!
b) “it keeps” - you mean display of duration in the brackets following the name, right?

how exactly, by clicking on them? And again, what column(s) are you talking about?

Every time something changes, the Songs are asked for their duration. That depends on its Song End setting (Song End, Last Event End (+/- 1), or right locator. Admittedly, the latter is ambiguous, as it takes the current right locator setting. We fixed this for the next version, such that it takes the one saved with the Song instead.
In all other cases though, it should work and we need a repro, thanks.

Sorry to keep you busy with this topic. Actually the time display between brackets on the middle and right colom per individual song (see pic). This affects obviously the setlist duration

So for “Dance Hall Days”, how is the Song End Action set?

I have scrolled through all songs and you see now the time between brackets appearing again except for the song I’m coming out that isn’t in this setlist

All songs end the same way

Now I saved the project closed vst and reopen…, this is how de setlist looks again… not consistent phenomena as you can see

Ok thanks. I assume “Half a minute” has its last event ending at 4:18:66, right? It looks as though the Song end is not up-to-date in this case. Will force an update when Songs are added, or deleted.

That’s correct

Ok, pls try again with the next version, thanks for your patience.

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Cool , thanks