Setlists - How to add songs?

I cannot seem to get more songs into the Setlist. I can add songs, but they don’t show up as in the list:

If I create new Setlist after I have all the Songs, then they all show up in the New list - what am I doing wrong?

That’s correct, setlists can only refer to Songs of the active setlist, use add (“+”) there.

“+” creates a copy of the actual setlist, “-” removes it. The strange item at the top left (sorry, replaced in next version) copies the selected setlist to the actual setlist.

So, the process is First create all songs, and then create the Setlist? If I Add or Delete Songs, create a new Setlist?

That seems to work OK on a new project, but on my test project, it is broken: the “Setlist 5” above shows both Songs until I click on the Clipboard/Paper icon next to +/- to Activate it and when I do, the 2nd Song in the list vanishes from the list and the main Panel on the Left Zone. I suspect this project has become corrupt from me trying a lot of things and a few crashes.

Cannot seem to reproduce that, do you have a step-by-step receipt?
Nevertheless we found a bug in the setlist editor which might explain some of your findings. Not sure if the fix can still make it into version 1.0.30, as that is already scheduled.

It seems like it’s not feasable to have several setlists containing different songs. Will this functionality ever be added ? What do I do if I want four different sets (not containg the same songs) for a one evening performance AND at the same time be able to switch to any song on demand at any time ?


That is not planned. You will have to have all Songs in the project, then create setlists from the entire batch. You can also use the “search” function which comes in handy when the bandleader suddenly decides to play a different Song.

You have likely sorted this by now (or I am misunderstanding what you are trying to do :-)) but…
I have the initial set list. I modify it in the side panel (add, remove songs etc) then I go to the set list pop out and I hit the + to create a new set list. This new setlist takes all the mods I have just made. I can select the original set list in the pop out panel and hit the clipboard like icon and the songs panel is now back to the original. Repeat to add a further setlist. Is that what you were aiming for?

Yes, that’s how it works.
A setlist just needs to find all of its Songs. So when you add one, that new setlist is a copy of the current state. You can then change a list in the setlist editor, and make the selected setlist active by clicking that strange button (we will change that).

Hi so I seem to have encountered an issue. I set up a reasonably large set list (24 songs with multiple parts and stacks and each with a track). This seemed fine and I was able to save it and exit the project and bring the project back with everything in order. I then deleted all of these songs and created 1 new song with a single part. I when into the setlist editor and created a new set list from this. I know have 2 setlists showing in the setlist window. However, when I switch back to the original 24 song setlist it loses all the songs and only leaves the global part.
I created several smaller setlists yesterday in a different project and was able to successfully navigate between them, so I am not sure what has triggered this behaviour. Possibly the size of the setlist?

Cannot reproduce this. However, ther was a related issue so pls try again with the next version.

“It seems like it’s not feasable to have several setlists containing different songs.”
I also see this as an issue. It would be nice to have one large master setlist from which you select songs for the other setlists you create.
One solution is to just add all your songs to one large setlist and then create a new setlist in which you put the songs you don’t play at the end of the setlist. You can maybe even add an empty song called “End setlist” :smiley:

Sure, that is the goal. We will rework the Setlist Editor later. Initially, there is just one set of Songs and you can arrange those in different orders (setlists). This is also why you cannot remove a Song from a setlist yet.
Your workaround is a good suggestion for now.

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I’ve had a quick look at setlists but I can’t really understand what it’s for? How do I play the songs from the setlist? I have about 60 backtrack songs that I will use live. Most of them just a wave file, sometimes the drummer needs a click track and in the future I want to run the lighting with DMX. I need to quickly select (preferably with the arrow keys) a song and play it. What I can understand so far it doesn’t work like an ordinary playlist?

Not sure what you are asking for. In the Playlist, Arrow up/down selects previous/next Part, arrow left/right selects previous/next Song - these, and many others can be configured in “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts”, also for MIDI control.
In TRACKS, you can import audio etc, and transport play etc should be familiar, no?

If you mean the Setlist Editor that gets activated when you click “Setlist” at the upper left: you cannot play Songs from there, only edit its order. Press “+” for a new setlist, this generates a list from the current Playlist (the big one, that actually plays). To activate a Setlist (make it become the actual Playlist), click the item at the upper left of the Setlist Editor - note that this overwrites the actual Playlist, so you may want to save it first by adding another Setlist before starting to edit.
The Setlist Editor will be improved soon, such that you can remove Songs and select from a List of all Songs and compose a Setlist via drag and drop.

Thank you. I was probably asking for if I could play songs from the Setlist editor, which I now know I can’t. I was looking for a simple live solution for playback like the playlist in old Cakewalk or qLab. Often when I need just a stereo (backing)track I use Foobar2000, it’s simple and Easy to make a playlist of my songs. But when I need more tracks, like clicktrack I need somthing else, but it has to be simple to make playlists. Often I choose songs and order of songs at the gig, right before entering the stage. I’ve tested some hardware players like Cymatic LP16, but it’s too complicated. I’ve also tested Ableton live but it’s also too complicated. qLab is ok, but I can’t stand Apple. :blush:

Sorry, I just have to ask; What is the purpose of the setlist function? I made a new setlist, and I tried to change the order of the songs in it, but it doesn’t change the order of the songs in the main window. I can drag and drop the songs to change the order in the main window, and of course create a new setlist from that, but what can I use the setlist for?

Press the plus item (“+”) to create a setlist from the current playlist (what you hear).
Re-Order the setlist.
Press the top left item to make the newly ordered setlist become the actual playlist. Note that this overwrites the current playlist, so if you want to keep the old playlist, you should add two setlists, edit the 2nd one, then apply. To get back to the old setlist, select it and again click the apply button at the top left of the setlist editor.

I don’t know if I’m writing here, but I’ll take a chance. A Setlist, I understand, is a collection of songs that is put together for a live performance. In it, songs can be moved in any order. And playback always starts from the first song in the list. However, it seems to me that it would be very convenient to be able to play not only the first song, but also, for example, the third. Or the seventh. I launch the Setist with the space bar. Or maybe there are other possibilities. Please share your good experience.

Hi! Setlist editor is for preparing / put together your gig (not necessarry as you can put it together w.o. setlist editor just simply using left hand column song list.

On stage, just use song list on left hand side column only.

You probably missed the “Setlist” icon at the top left of the Playlist (Songs and Parts).
You can create several Setlistst there and select and activate one of your choice, which replaces the actual Playlist.