Setlists - How to add songs?

I cannot seem to get more songs into the Setlist. I can add songs, but they don’t show up as in the list:

If I create new Setlist after I have all the Songs, then they all show up in the New list - what am I doing wrong?

That’s correct, setlists can only refer to Songs of the active setlist, use add (“+”) there.

“+” creates a copy of the actual setlist, “-” removes it. The strange item at the top left (sorry, replaced in next version) copies the selected setlist to the actual setlist.

So, the process is First create all songs, and then create the Setlist? If I Add or Delete Songs, create a new Setlist?

That seems to work OK on a new project, but on my test project, it is broken: the “Setlist 5” above shows both Songs until I click on the Clipboard/Paper icon next to +/- to Activate it and when I do, the 2nd Song in the list vanishes from the list and the main Panel on the Left Zone. I suspect this project has become corrupt from me trying a lot of things and a few crashes.

Cannot seem to reproduce that, do you have a step-by-step receipt?
Nevertheless we found a bug in the setlist editor which might explain some of your findings. Not sure if the fix can still make it into version 1.0.30, as that is already scheduled.