Setting a custom key commands and behavior

Hi guys. I came from Reaper and I would love to start using a Cubase for metal production. However there are some things I would love to change in Cubase but I don’t even know if it’s possible. So I’m gonna list some stuff here. At least someone will tell me if it’s possible. if yes, how do I change it?


  • in Cubase you scroll just with the mousewheel. I would love to change it to “ctrl+mousewheel” for up and down scroll. Scrolling left and right I’m used to have it on “alt+mousewheel”.


  • in Cubase you zoom with “ctrl+mousewheel” or “alt+mousewheel” (I don’t remember at the moment). Is it possible to set it to zoom in and out ONLY with mousewheel?

Loop, Stop, Play, Rec.:

  • by default I have these buttons on the bottom. I would like to have them on top.
  • for some reason when I open a new project it opens them 2 times. One is solid on the bottom and one is floating. Where can I turn the floating buttons off so they don’t appear everytime I open a new project?


  • I would like to glue selected items just by hitting “g”


  • I would like to split item by hitting “s” where my playback line is.

Main edit window:

  • by default the transport is solid no matter where you click. You need to click somewhere on the timeline to move it where you want. I want to move it wherever I click on the main window.

These are the basic commands in my workflow. If it’s possible to set them as I described, please tell me how. Thanks a lot for any advice! :wink:

Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately this is not possible.

Unfortunately this is not possible.

Click to the Set up Toolbar of the project window and enable Transport Controls, please.

Edit > Key Commands: Assign the Tool > Glue Tool to “g”.

Edit > Key Commands: Assign the Edit > Split at Cursor “s”.

Preferences > Transport > Locate when Clicking in Empty Space.