Setting an automation track to its default value


What is the proper way of resetting automation tracks? By reset, I mean setting to the default value ( say for volume 0.00, mute Off, etc, ).

The way I do it now is “remove selected automation” (based on this) , put it back, and then set it to default value!


Not really optimal way, but…

  • Open the Automation Panel.
  • Enable Write.
  • In the Fill column, enable To Start and To End.
  • Hit playback.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + click to the parameter you want to reset (to reset it).
  • Stop playback.
  • Done.

Thank you Martin.

I just tried it, as soon as I hit playback I need to do CMD+click then I have to delete the automation from the start!

This is simply too much! I put it as a feature request.