Setting Audio e MIDI

HI! Very annoying problem, when I open the vst live program for the first time in the HOME screen I set the sound card and the midi settings; I open the project; when it has finished loading everything (I use the preload) often the audio does not respond and the midis, despite seeing them correctly set, do not change the LSB MSB settings of the connected keyboards. If I restart the program once or twice at this point, without changing anything, the settings are read. Very bad during live … you have to wait to launch the program two or three times and wait for it to load before it works correctly … Another thing, if the settings are different, i.e. I have different keyboards, it’s even worse. …
program start
Audio MIDI devices
Settings settings
Until I save and restart the program does not respond to commands nor the keyboards nor the sound card. It should re-read as soon as you change the settings so it doesn’t restart again. Please take a good look at this bug because it’s really dangerous during live and “embarrassing” for those who manage keyboards and sequences having to make everyone wait … maybe during the performance … thanks!!!

If this was common behaviour we would have already been flooded with complaints :slight_smile:
So please let us know details about your system, Windows or Mac, audio interface, MIDI interface etc, thanks.

Ok, Platform WINDOWS 11
Audio MOTU Mk5
Midi keyboard USB if 2 keyboard or PIN 5 if 4 keyboard.

I’m absolutely sure it’s not a widespread problem, but it happens to me and I’d like to understand how to fix it. Thank you for the help you want to give me

Honestly no idea yet. Pls try Help/Clean all user Data, restart, and configure Audio Device settings, and Devices/Connections carefully, does that help?

I understood the problem.
VSTLIVE is as if it memorizes the last configuration applied. If by chance it changes, everything needs to be changed, but everything must be turned on before opening vstlive. and then I see the peripherals and can modify them in the home page. I suggest if possible, implement digital mixer style “scenes” to avoid having to reconnect everything when you start vstlive and change the configuration

if you change hardware (keyboard, midi port, audio device, etc) you recreate the use case

Actual settings are saved with each project as well. It even remembers up to 32 different configurations (like when you move from studio to rehearsal to stage, each with different hardware configurations, and back). Local settings (before you open a project) should be the last used and then appear in the hub.

If you have different ideas pls. let us know exactly how you think it should be.

My point of view…, it would be necessary to introduce a scene or a HW preset to be applied to the playlist which contains all the midi and HW connections (sound card for example) so that it is applied at the opening to the playlist. Otherwise it would be necessary to duplicate each playlist and save it in a HOME setting, and a live setting… all double. What do you think?

A bit like what happens when saving the settings of the assignable commands… something similar, even if I find the Preset to choose when starting vstlive super interesting, as do other software systems linked to the HW.

This is what is happening now.

A VST Live project remembers all ports from “Devices/Connections” as last saved. In addition, each of the ports in Connections remembers its hardware association. So if you transfer a project from home/studio to rehearsal, where a different hardware setup exists, you will have to assign ports to the new harware once; then if you save there, and open that project in your home/studio setup, it automatically connects the ports that it already knows. This makes presets for environments redundant.

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