setting audio range for export

Thank you for your help, I am trying to mixdown/export a music file. When I completed all the steps to export the file I received a warning that “the export range” was empty and to set the left and right locators. Since this is my first mix and I am following the manual for each stage, I can not find where I set the locators. Can you please help me to set the L/R locators and the export range.
Thank you for your help.

in the ruler at the top of the project there are 2 locators which are typically both at 0 to start. Take your mouse and click on the 0 location in the ruler, it should grab the tab of one or the other locators. Alternately just set the locator location to something other than 0 in the transport.

oh, and Cubase basically says “export all the audio between L and R locators”.

Thank you so much for your help. The locators were not there when I first tried to move them. I am not exactly sure how I found them. But my first attempt didn’t work the color change was red and it still said that the range was empty. So I took the other marker and moved it and the color change was blue. The export was now working. I was able to export it with no trouble and when I listened to it it was exactly as I expected it to be. So THANK YOU very much for your help!!!

glad you found them

artgriff, they were red because you used the left one on the right side and vice versa… so the range was, in fact non-existing one.

Hello! :slight_smile:
Is there any way you could write an answer in simpler english? Or maybe just for stupid people…? :wink:
I have the exact same error message, and unfortunately i didn’t quite understand the answer and therefore couldn’t solve the problem…

Hey Darthesponja - I’ve just had this problem, and managed to figure out what the other people meant. I’m new to this too lol! Anyway, to export something, before you even go into the export menu, click the bar at the top where all your recordings are that has the numbers on it. When you click and drag along this, the bar should turn light-blue. This is what you want - Pull the light blue bar all the way to the end of your recordings (so it covers everything you want exported), then go into the export menu and you’re set! If the bar is red, this means you’ve pulled it the wrong way. Drag the bar the opposite way until it turns light-blue.

Hope this helps! :smiley:

HI - I also have this problem but only all of a sudden - been working all week.
The locators are set left and right and the music tracks are highlighted in blue - as per normal.

But now I just get the error message “left and right locators not set.”

This is one headache of a DAW! I might just count my losses and go back to Mixcraft 7 despite the superior Ausio track sound in Cubase.