Setting button missing in Plugins Information file

Two questions re my new Cubase 8 Pro install

I open in Devices the Plugins Information folder. I want to provide a new path for plugins. But the button for doing this in Cubase 7 is now GONE. The answer from another forum append was that you open the “Settings” wheel shaped button in the lower left corner of the Plugins Information folder has NO such “Settings” button.

Second, if I look in my C: drive to check my VST path, I find my IKMultimedia>Miroslav Philharmonik subdirectory and indeed the Miroslav .dll is there (along with Instruments folder, etc.).

HOWEVER, when I check in my Cubase Plugins Information folder it shows this same path as existing but it can’t find the Miroslav .dll.

Maybe I have to rescan. BUT as with the first question there is no Rescan button anymore and no Settings button that presumably might contain the Rescan Button.

Any help out there ? Very frustrating when things that worked perfectly fine in a previous version are now
“fixed” so as to not work anymore. I’ve wasted several hours. Grrrrrr. Vent


You open the plugin manager and at the bottom left there is a gear icon, click that and a + appears top right of the sub window where you can add a path. If a plugin is in the path but not showing it may have a problem and being ignored by Cubase (Black listed)

p.s. there is a rescan button there as well