Setting cubase for live keys

Hi guys, I’m trying to setup a project for live keyboard/piano playing…
Basiclly, I want to use cubase as vst host:
-I have 4 vsts in rack(combo model f, combo model v, addictive keys, and halion sonic se2)
-I have 12 songs, each song contains 2-4 sounds (4 slots in halion)/(3 in halion and a different vst)/(4 different vsts) ect…

Right now my setup is:
-4 vsts in rack.
-midi controller is set to control all important parameters in all the vsts simultaneously, via generic control editor.
-Creating a midi track for each song.
-each midi track is using midi sends to control which sounds play in that song/midi track(in halion-sending on different midi channels, sends the midi through different slots✓)

*If you have any advice or tips,on using cubase for live keyboard, that’ll be great.

Main Problem:
-I have 3 songs that uses the same 3 sounds in halion,
Ideally that’s 3 slots, but…
*In each song, the sounds are in different key range(different split points and placement on the keyboard) + different octaves(transpose).
I can achive this in halion ‘edit’ tab, but that means 3 slots for each sound…9 slots instead of 3… Is there a better way?

*Ideally-is there a way to send different keyrange+transpose, to different midi sends within a midi track?

Thank you guys so much!


You can use Transformer in the MIDI Sends. Here you can set:
Types is | Equal | Note | And
( Value 1 [Pitch] | Less or Equal | your wanted lowest key | Or
Value 1 [Pitch] | Bigger or Equal | your wanted highest key )

Action Target keep empty

Function: Delete.

This one, you can send to dedicated MIDI Port and Channel.

You can use up to 4 MIDI Sends.