Setting Default Partial Beam Direction

Is it possible to set a default partial beam direction?

I find that dorico is natively beaming the wrong direction in the subdivisions according to my knowledge or at least likings for this particular rhythm.

For example: In 12/8, the first beat of the below example is what Dorico natively does on the 2nd note with the partial beam facing towards the second subdivision. In beat 2 of the below example, is how I’d like it to default which I believe is the correct way of subdividing the beam, but I had to manually set this with the properties panel on a per note basis.


To show, it does the same in 4/4 using triplets, with Dorico default in the 1st beat and my correction with the 2nd.

Is there a way to globally set this with an option as I can’t seem to find?


Hi there

I disagree with you that Dorico gets this wrong. The subdivision of the beat in both of your examples is into three quavers (eighths) and the direction of the partial beam respects this.

Flipping the direction of the partial beam as you have done implies a duple subdivision of the beat: in 12/8, that’s two dotted quavers (dotted eighths); in the triplet, a 3+3 grouping would be correctly notated as a sextuplet of semiquavers (sixteenths).

So I don’t think Dorico will let you change the default in this way, but at least you can get there using a manual intervention.


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Thank you Jeremy!

I guess I was thinking about it wrong and appreciate you explaining and correcting my subdivisions. And, you answered my question too that Dorico can’t change by default so if I want to I’ll do it manually. But I guess Dorico is telling me their direction is correct so no need lol.

Ty! <3

My pleasure. Happy composing!

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It isn’t much different than it would be in 4/4 time, where Dorico sees the 16th as something of an appoggiatura to the main note following.
Slice 1

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